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CheckedID for Property Rental

You must record to whom you rent out a property. Not only landlords, but also the government imposes requirements on this identification requirement. Just "sending a copy of your passport" is out of the question, as you are not allowed to keep certain personal information. CheckedID is the most secure and meticulous ID verification tool available. Identification and verification of the identity of your new tenant - in accordance with regulatory guidelines - has never been easier. Also remotely. This way you prevent fraud and abuse of the property.

Identification and verification

You are obliged to determine the identity of new (flex) employees. This verification obligation is a regulatory requirement. Identification and verification is increasingly done remotely. How do you proof afterwards that you have followed all regulatory requirements?

At a distance

Because identification and verification is increasingly done remotely, this process entails risks. Does the ID document that you received belong to the sender and how do you prove this in an audit? How do you prevent the incorrect handling of privacy-sensitive data that is digitally available within your organization? These are all questions to which CheckedID offers the simple answer.

Instant identification

In some cases, a quick ID identification is required. Then a fast and accurate method is desirable for you and your tenant. Even when it comes to establishing a foreign identity on the basis of ID proofs that are difficult to decipher. With CheckedID you have the information you need within 15 seconds. Digital, complete and compliant.

CheckedID: your ideal ID tool

CheckedID is the most secure and rigorous ID verification tool for the property rental market. Identification and verification of the tenant has never been easier and more secure. This ensures that you hand over the keys to the correct tenant.

Time saving

You verify remote people easily and reliably. Traveling or waiting is a thing of the past. And training employees in checking (international) identity documents is no longer necessary.

Cost reduction

You reduce your efforts to disclose and maintain the storage of personal data that you are legally allowed to collect. And you avoid costs for checking equipment and documentation.

No rejects

If you are already using a digital identity verification service, you can reduce the number of rejects to zero. As a result, fewer handling costs are required from your employees. Your clients are also not approached several times.


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