The universal company badge!


ShowID, the new way of authorizing visitors at controlled facilities

ShowID is the most secure authorization tool available. Access controllers of controlled facilities and their visitors need to quickly and reliably determine that someone is authorized to enter. Think of a mechanic who has to carry out planned maintenance at a factory. How do you know for sure that it is the right person who is expected? With ShowID this is quick and easy. The mechanic is authorized for a specific appointment by his employer - possibly checked via the Chamber of Commerce trade register. The access controller can easily check this at the gate, without having to rely on a company card shown by the visitor. This is a much more reliable way than with self-issued cards. And above all cheaper!

The universal company badge

ShowID acts as a universal company badge. A proof of authorization for unknown persons. And only show those personal data that are relevant and necessary. Nothing more and nothing less. Safe and trusted for everyone.

Security at critical facilities

Monitoring business-critical installations and locations requires increasing attention. Think of port areas, data centers, power plants and defense institutions. Hazards coming through 'the front door' must be avoided.

Additional entry requirements

Allow visitors to easily carry out necessary access requirements in advance, such as a safety training course. This saves you time at the visitor control. Pleasant for everyone!

How it works

As a visitor to highly secured locations, you want to get in quickly. After all, time is money. But it makes sense that visitor access is well controlled. Part of the admission process takes place prior to the visit. But sometimes there is an urgency, and things have to be arranged quickly. In such cases, the preparation can fail, or the reservation system cannot handle it. Even with strongly changing visitors or a lot of ad hoc visitors, the reservation can sometimes go wrong. ShowID prevents this kind of situation. The 4 basic steps of ShowID are explained below. Simple, fast but above all very safe.

Step a

Directors and officers of visiting suppliers who - if necessary - have been verified on the basis of the Chamber of Commerce Trade Register grant one-time or periodic ShowID authorization to employees. This permission is an authorization for an employee to visit a specific facility at a specified time.


Step b

The supplier employee receives a notification for the authorized visit.


Step c

The access manager displays a dynamic QR code. The visiting supplier employee clicks on the ShowID authorization received on their own smartphone, after which the camera is automatically started. The visitor scans the QR code of the access manager.


Step d

After scanning, the access manager sees the visitor's details on his screen and determines whether these correspond to the person who wants to enter. If this is the case, the access manager agrees. If not, access will be denied and a reason can be added.


For whom?


Determine the authority of a technician using a proven digital method. Safe, secure and privacy-friendly for the technician.

Access managers

External suppliers who are not regular visitors follow a proven digital method. Safe, secure and privacy-friendly for the supplier. Assurance for the access manager.


Offers drivers the opportunity to demonstrate quickly and easily at the gate or door that they are expected.

5 reasons why ShowID

1. Easy to use, no app download
2. Substantial time savings at the gate
3. Link with Chamber of Commerce Trade Register possible
4. Lower costs than using physical company badges
5. 100% safe, including through reverse scanning process

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