Our common thread is identities


How the love for identities began ...

Identity is the beginning of everything in our world. While everyone has an identity, it is easily undervalued. If you do not recognize a person, communication and business become difficult. A digital identity is the same as a physical identity. However, it is abstract and different in design. Our physical presence is a confirmation of our identity. Online interaction, on the other hand, requires a digital identity. That way you know and understand that whoever you are communicating with is who he says he is. This is often the crux ...

Who we are


Janus who?

Both the interests of organizations and consumers play a role in the development of identity solutions. Our company name, JanusID, symbolizes this. Janus is the Roman god with two faces. He kept an eye on all the gates of the city, thereby ensuring security and social order. We do this with products that are very safe and offer maximum protection. For organizations that work with digital identities, but especially for consumers who are asked to share their identity remotely.


Our products

JanusID provides products and services for the secure use and management of personal identities. This allows our customers to simplify and improve the interaction with their customers. At the same time, they reduce the risks associated with the processing of personal data. This is also in the interest of our customers' customers. These can be companies and consumers. Our ID products and services are used for both Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Employee (KYE) applications.


Complete solutions

JanusID's products and services “by design” meet the generally accepted needs for privacy, security and trust. In addition, they are practical and logical to use. With our ID services, we provide complete solutions to automate cumbersome and manual processes. In such a way that they can be easily integrated into existing business processes, without high implementation costs or complex IT projects. So you can get started quickly. This makes working easier, error-free and safe.

100% European

JanusID is located in the Netherlands and is subject to European laws and regulations. We store all data on a server in a European data center, in European ownership. This means that the rights of our worldwide customers are well secured.

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