be Known - be Trusted - be In Control

ease your life in the connected world

Easy login

One identity that gives you one-click access to many websites

Full user control

You decide what data is shared and you can control this in your dashboard

Only what is needed

Only share data that is really required for the website


Have your data verified to provide more trust to websites

Your privacy comes first

Your privacy is key to us. You're our customer, not our product.

Safe and secure

You have multiple means to smartly secure access to your account


Do you have a 'secret list' hidden somewhere with all your user ID's and passwords? Do you like the ease of logging in with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn but do you sometimes wonder what happens with all your data? Do you dislike having to sign up in different places and would you like to have more control over what data you share, and with whom?

JanusID is a digital Identity Provider where you can register your own online identity. With one personal account, you can login easy and secure to connected websites. Your dashboard shows what data you have shared and with whom. You can easily revoke sharing consents you have given before. You have full control over your own data.


Do you see users aborting their transaction because they either forgot their password or are not willing to create a new account? Do you have to offer comprehensive and expensive features on your site to create, maintain and secure customer data? Or do you want to be absolutely sure that you are dealing with the person that he or she claims to be?

JanusID is a digital Identity Provider that offers (verified) user identification. Visitors to your site can easily enter and are immediately recognized by you. This allows you to offer more tailored services and prevents unwanted transactions from taking place. And all this for lower costs than if you arrange this yourself.


Create an account in just a few steps

In a few clicks you can create your free JiD-account. This allows you to enter Single Sign On to connected websites through the JiD button. And you can protect your account from (ab)use by others.

Sometimes a transaction requires verified data about you. Like, are you 18+, do you have a driving licence or are you entitled to certain privileges. With your account, you can make such data available for trusted online use. But, you will always have to consent in sharing your data with any website.

Know what you share, and with whom

You will have a personal dashboard where you can see:

  • What data you have registered
  • When and where you have logged in
  • What data you have shared at what website

You can change your data and sharing consents on this dashboard.


Context is king

Just like in a real shop, many online transactions shouldn't require to present your personal data. There are other ways to recognise you and treat you as a customer.

Often however, too much non-relevant data is requested and shared. For example, your date of birth is asked while only the fact that you are 18+ is relevant. And is your home address really needed for requesting just some information?

On the other hand, sometimes it is fair or necessary to present data from your ID document, for example when buying an airline ticket.

JiD focusses on ensuring that only the reasonably required data is requested. What's reasonable, is very much determined by the context of the interaction with the website.


JanusID offers you the same ease of login as Google and Facebook. The main difference is that you also get assurance of each other's identity and protection of your privacy.

Irwin Oedayrajsingh Varma - Initiator of JanusID

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