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CheckedID for software platforms

CheckedID offers software platform providers who want to stay relevant and up-to-date in the field of ID verification an enterprise-ready product that can be easily integrated. This sets your platform apart from your competition without being saddled with maintenance and support to customers. We support various collaboration models. It also adds to your net margin, so what's holding you back?

More complete offer

Is your software solution used in a market where ID verification plays a role? Are your customers asking for it? Building it yourself is not an easy task. CheckedID is 100% focused on further improving the ID verification process. We have made it our profession. You will be surprised how easy it is to fit into your own solution. Your customers will be even more satisfied.

Focus on your own expertise

Constantly changing regulations require you to adjust your priorities. There is no time and capacity to develop new capabilities outside the core competencies. Let alone maintain them. Feel free to leave this to a specialist. We ensure that your ID verification function stays ahead of what is available in the market. That way you stay ahead of your competitors.

Fast and correct first time

Fast and accurate identification is desirable for you and your customers. Even when it comes to establishing a foreign identity, based on unknown ID documents. But identification and verification with innovative digital technologies must also provide a result in one go. Nothing is more annoying than having to go back to the person to be verified because the process didn't work. CheckedID provides you with the information you need within 15 seconds. Digital, complete and compliant.

Cost savings

With CheckedID you offer easy and reliable verification of people remotely. You do not need to hire personnel who have the (scarce) knowledge of this.

Net margin up

The more ID verifications are performed, the more it contributes to your net margin. We use collaborative models where we both benefit from success.

Satisfied customers

Your customers will be happy with this extra functionality. Easy to use and integrated in your system. No additional manual work is required.