Identify and verify employees. Safe and in accordance with legislation.

Know Your Employee

Know Your Employee

Know Your Employee, in short, know who you are hiring, is becoming increasingly important in today's fast-paced society. Unfortunately, the current working process of sending and handling copies of passports and ID cards brings significant risks. The process is not safe and often unreliable and should therefore be avoided.


Do you also spend a lot of time onboarding a new employee? Especially now as this happens more and more remotely?

Comply with regulations

When onboarding you must comply with legislation and standards such as in The Netherlands: SNA, NEN 4400-1 and the WiD. This means, among other things, that ID documents must be carefully checked.

Fast and thorough

Currently, this KYE process often involves laborious and manual work. CheckedID proves that this can be done more easily, without errors and safely. The tool to professionally determine identities.

Benefits CheckedID

1. ID check in 20 seconds
2. Automated and proven workflows
3. Comply with regulatory guidelines and legislation
4. Minimize risks of GDPR violations
5. Employee-friendly process
6. Proof of verification always available
7. Use the latest and proven technology
8. Minimize manual actions

Where does it often go wrong today?

By carefully establishing an identity, you ensure that no data leaks occur during the verification process. For example, because personal data falls into the hands of someone who should not have it. The chance of this is considerably increased by the current way of exchanging ID documents. Where do things often go wrong in practice?

1. Photographing and sending with a smartphone

The photos of the ID are often not deleted (in time). They are then automatically copied to the (personal) cloud storage.

2. Saving on PC and sending by e-mail

Photos are often stored on the PC to be e-mailed or uploaded via a website. These often remain in the mailbox and are not (timely) removed from the PC or mailbox.

3. Copying an ID document on a copier

Most copiers do not erase memories regularly.


In the context of the GDPR, these are undesirable situations: as a controller you have no insight into and control over where personal data is located. Another disadvantage of the current way of working is that you are often not sure whether the person who sends you an ID document, for example via e-mail, is the owner of the document. CheckedID does offer you this certainty.

Secure report

Finally, you will receive a secure report with CheckedID. This allows you to demonstrate at all times that the identity verification has been carried out carefully. The reporting method is tailor-made. Based on the guidelines of your organization and legislation, certain data of an ID document may or may not be shown. Whether or not a citizen service number, selfie or ID photo: you will receive in a secure report only those data that are relevant and mandatory.

Establishing the identity of our professionals with CheckedID saves us a lot of manual effort. Especially now that this is more often done remotely. We are also assured that the processing of personal data is done safely.

Florine Onderwijzer, Manager Operations


CheckedID: your ideal ID-tool

CheckedID is the most secure and trustworthy ID verification tool available. Whether you want to onboard a new employee or freelancer, identification and verification of identity has never been easier. A copy of a passport lying around in the office, unsafe e-mail traffic and storage of ID information that cannot be kept according to legislation: these are now a thing of the past.

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