JiD: comfortably different

Online identities or accounts that allow you to log in to multiple websites are nothing new. Many large internet players like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, etc. have been offering these for a long time. Also, countries like The Netherlands (DigiD) offer something similar.

JanusID differentiates itself by doing things a bit different: comfortably different. 

A JiD-account allows you to control what data you want to manage within your JiD-account and share with others. Data that you have registered yourself or data that others have about you. Things like: identity data, educational history, memberships, etc. This data can come from any source: a passport, a government register or a membership file. Although you have a lot of data available, you only need a fraction of it at a website or transaction. Different data is needed for buying a concert ticket versus renting a holiday home. Most often only proof is required, and not the data itself. Proof that you are 18+ or have a driving licence, without sharing your date of birth or driving licence.

So JiD is not a data vault with all your data. Data will only be stored in your account when not available elsewhere. Optimal data minimization and data quality are fundamental: with JiD you can retrieve your data from the source, but only if you want.

Your account can obviously be protected extremely well, ensuring that only you can use it. The way you secure your account is determined by yourself. Automatic login with your smartphone, use of a one-time pin, add face recognition or a trusted location. You will not be tracked when you login with JiD. What you do online is only known by you and the respective site owner. 

We do not distinguish ourselves in terms of technology. We use - mostly open - identity protocols. They have proven to work reliably in practice. Many, many websites and services around the world use them, including the large internet platforms. JiD does not seek the solution in using new technologies, but rather in using existing and proven components in a different and smarter way. Simple, low risk, fast implementation: reliable!