Verify an official ID-document

In addition to the JID-platform we are developing a mobile app that enables you to determine the legitimacy of official ID-documents from over 200 countries with your smartphone (iOS and Android). A check on lost or stolen is also performed (currently for selected countries only). The app reads and checks the data including the pass-photo. Passport, ID-card, residence permit and driving licence: all are processed fast and reliably.

Go to the CheckedID website

For more than 120 countries the document's chip can also be read and verified (currently Android only). Also, it can be biometrically established if the owner holding the document is the rightful owner; by making a selfie and comparing this (automatically) with the pass-photo on the ID-document.  

Our Checked ID service prevents the acceptance of falsified or misused ID-documents. The app uses components from our partners Mitek Systems and Innovalor/ReadID that are proven in "high trust" environments like banks and personnel employment. JanusID is the first in bringing this together in one single app, and offering it as a SaaS to customers.

The Checked ID service:

  • lets you verify one's identity securely and instantaneously, and
  • prevents you from having to make a copy of a passport which often is an intrusion of privacy in relation to the purpose, and
  • within minutes delivers the verification results in one secure PDF-document by mail, and
  • lets you conform to (article 5 of) the GDPR as all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that accurate data is processed, and
  • is offered as a SaaS with appropriate security standards, such that the data is delivered only to the beneficiary and no data remains elsewhere.

Would you like more information about this app? Please send an email to See also FAQ: How does ID verification work? and the News item: Trust and privacy with a verified online ID.