JanusID uses the Forgerock Open Identity Stack. This includes leading open standards. Plus the smartest and most powerful ways to use them in practice. With Forgerock, JanusID is assured of the best available platform to provide world class services. 

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OAuth 2.0 - the open standard for data access

JiD uses OAuth 2.0, the open standard for authorization. OAuth 2.0 uses tokens, preventing trusted data like a username or password from having to be exchanged. Each token allows for time limited access to specific data on one specific website. 

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User Managed Access (UMA) - the user is in control

JanusID is part of the Kantara User Managed Access (UMA) working group. This innovative initiative is creating the open standard for user controlled exchange of data. This allows for optimal online privacy. The UMA standard builds upon other leading open standards like OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0. Forgerock has included UMA in its platform which fits seamless in the services of JanusID.

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We have various whitepapers describing the connection between JiD and your website


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