Online renting

Renting a car or holiday home can typically be done online through the the owner's website. However, before being handed the keys the owner wants to meet you in person to determine who you really are. You show your ID document, of which the owner takes down certain data in his administration. Sometimes even a copy of the entire document. Whether you agree or not: you don't really have a choice. Also, the owner would probably prefer not having to do this as it can be a time-consuming process. On top of that there is a chance that your identity is not established correctly. JiD enables full online processing of this verification process safely and reliably. You can directly access the car or the holiday home as the owner knows for sure to whom he is renting it.

Age bound services and products

Certain services or products can only be acquired if you have a certain age. Think of watching certain content, or playing online games. In many countries, online liquor stores may only sell to people who are over 18 years. With your verified JiD-account you can prove that you are 12+, 16+ 18+ or 65+, without having to share you age or having to show a copy of your ID. 


Higher trust at online market places

Fraud is still quite a common issue on market places. In The Netherlands, this type of fraud was reported in the top ten of common online fraud issues. You buy a product but you don't get it delivered. Or you sell something and don't get your money.

JiD can to a large extent prevent this if the users identify themselves upfront with verified identities. If you really know someone's identity, the chances of this person committing fraud decline as this person can be located if needed. Optionally, instead of exchanging identities between users directly, the marketplace could become a trusted third party. The verified identities are then known to the marketplace only and can be recovered in a case of fraud.

Online dating

Online dating is very popular. Some people however introduce themselves under false pretences. Especially with dating it is important to be protected from catfishing

If an online dater registers with a verified JiD-account you can be sure that you are dealing with a real existing person. Without having to disclose a real name, you know that for instance the photo, age, gender are correct.