Our Features

For consumers, all these features are available by simply signing up for an account. Start with your free JiD-account now!

Identity verification

You can have your identity verified to gain maximum trust online

Use on any device

Login with standard equipment, no cards, readers or accessories needed.

Prevents identity theft

Through strong authentication, data minimization and controlled sharing

Multiple profiles

Match what you share with what you do at a website.

Total control

You get a dashboard to control what you share and with whom.

One account, any website

1 JiD-account gives 1-click secure access to all connected websites.

Creating a JiD-account is this easy

01 Register your JiD-account

Enter your emailaddress and choose a username and password. You can login single sign on now, or expand your account in the next steps. Whatever you want!

02 Enhance security (optional)

Configure the app to generate access codes on your smartphone or tablet. You cannot login anymore then with just a password.

03 Identify yourself (optional)

If you want, you can submit your id document and photo for verification. When needed, you will then be maximally trusted.

04 Your JiD-account is complete

Congratulations, you are now able to reap all the benefits! Check your dashboard regularly for new features that you may want to use.


Single Sign on

Single Sign On means that you get access to multiple websites with one login action. By logging in to your JiD-account you can access any connected site, without the need to login again. 

Your JiD key unlocks all doors. 

Multiple profiles in one supersafe account

You want to use different user profile on the internet. For buying something simple you want to leave your nickname. To buy an airline ticket you will have to submit your official first and last name(s). And in yet another case you may be anonymous as long as you are old or young enough. JiD supports all these scenarios, comfortably from one highly secured account. 


You are in control!

You own your own data and therefore we find it normal that you are in full control of what happens to your data. JiD provides you a clear dashboard where you can see with what website you have agreed to share your data.

The smart thing is that JiD remembers these consents for you. And that means that at a next visit this data will automatically be shared again. You can however revoke these consents at anytime. 

Your data well secured

You obviously want to be assured that your data, especially your identity data, is safely stored and cannot be accessed by others. Next to a password, JiD offers additional means for you to setup to secure access to your account. 

First of all there is the authenticator app which lets your smartphone generate a temporary and unique code for your JiD-account. You use that code as an addition to your password to login.

Next to that you can also designate your PC, tablet or smartphone as a trusted device. When logging in from a different device or location, JiD will only grant access after obtaining additional securities.


No use of tracking cookies

There are 'good' and 'less good' cookies... So called session cookies are technically required to for instance login to a website. Tracking cookies however are not required and are used to track your online behaviour. They often infringe upon privacy and anonymity. JiD only uses session cookies to store user data when logging in to websites. These are also not blocked with the 'cookie law' request that you see at websites these days. Therefore, if you decide to block cookies from your browser JiD still perfectly works.