Your multitool to control your online world

You do a lot online, so much that you can use some help. With your JiD account and dashboard you take control. Simple, secure and cheap.

Easy login everywhere

Do you have a 'secret list' hidden somewhere with all your userid's and passwords? Do you like the ease of logging in with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn but do you sometimes wonder what happens with all your data? Do you dislike having to sign up in different places and would you like to have more control over what data you share, and with whom?


One personal account

JanusID is a digital Identity Provider where you can register your own online identity. With one personal account you can login easily and securely at connected websites. On your dashboard you can see what data you have shared and with whom. Here you can also revoke data sharing consents that you have given before. You are in full control of your data.