Onboarding customers is a crucial step in customer relations. It is also a tedious one, during which customers may decide to step away and leave you. You need to find the balance between ‘easy’ and ‘adequate’, and get the customers you want on board.

Also there’s a GDPR requirement that states that all personal data you process should be ‘accurate’ [article 5.1(d)]. And the last thing you want is neglect this EU-regulation, which comes into full force next year. JanusID provides tools that will lead customers almost effortlessly to your online business. With one click your customer can share personal data at the appropriate accuracy levels from a JiD-account. Appropriate, because for some interactions the customer may want to use a pseudonym – e.g. a nickname. In other cases it will be fair to require a proof-of-verification for the shared data. JiD provides such proof together with the data. This means you don’t have to do any additional verification, nor require additional onboarding steps from your customer. You can’t get faster, easier and more accurate onboarding than this, anywhere.

In addition to the JiD-account platform we are developing a mobile app that verifies legitimacy of formal ID-documents from over 200 countries [e.g. passports, ID-cards, driver’s licences], and reads out their data including the holder’s photo. It’s fast, easy and reliable. For over 120 countries the document's chip is also read and checked. Additionally a biometrical check can be done to determine whether the holder of the document is actually it’s owner. Our ‘CheckedID’ app prevents acceptance of both forged and abused ID-documents. This app works with components that are proven in high-trust environments, like banking and recruitment. JanusID is the first to combine all this in an app, and run it fully as SaaS for our customers.

With the CheckedID app you can:

  • instantly verify someone’s identity, and
  • thereby comply with GDPR Article 5, having taken all reasonable steps to ensure the data you process is accurate.

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