The easier your onboarding process, the sooner a visitor becomes customer. To combat unsatisfactory conversion rates drastic revision of this process may be required.

It may be a sound strategy to make use of products and/or services from specialised suppliers. INNOPAY - Digital Customer Onboarding did a market scan, to help you on your way.

JanusID offers products that ease customer onboarding. While also making the process more secure and reliable. A visitor effortlessly converts into a customer. The website makes a good first impression, and can immediately offers its new customer tailor made service.

We are happy to find us on INNOPAY's overview. And we continue to work on our products, so we will cater for even more categories.

The full article on the aspects that guide the shaping of the onboarding process can be found here: INNOPAY Book Of Insight 2018 Onboarding Stategy.