This is how JiD also works for you

Identity verification

Receive verified information on your customers and be assured of who you're dealing with.

Use on any device

Login with standard equipment, no cards, readers or accessories needed.

Stop identity theft

You don't have to bother about your accounts being hacked or identities stolen.

Context determines customer view

No website is alike, neither are your customers. The context determines what you know of your customer.

Your doorkeeper

You determine which visitors you want to enter and the assurance you need.

Customized security

Access to your services is secured to your needs, while your customers still get in easily.


The best customer experience: your customers are automatically logged in

No deserted shopping carts anymore. Your customer is recognized at 'the front door', not at the time of payment. Nothing stands in the way of your customer to successfully finish a transaction.  

Better customer recognition, less risk of fraud

JiD can deliver verified identity data of your customers which gives you more assurances about their identity. Think about a minimum required age, or control on previously denied access. JiD can offer these verifications at a lower cost than if you would have to do these yourself.


Easy customer handling without your own customer registration

JiD can (optionally) manage your entire customer administration. Customers visit your website with a pseudo-id. JiD gives you the assurance that this is a verified person (that can be traced later if needed). This enables you to focus on what you do best. You also run much less risk in the context of the tightened privacy regulations in Europe.