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JiD is aimed at providing access and trust, under the user's control. Although we consider the combination of both the most powerful, you may want to use just one of them. For instance if you first want to experience whether JiD suits your way of working.

If it is important that you get assurance on the identity of your visitors, JiD can be of service. For this, you request them to share the information you need through their JiD-account. This can be done during their visit when a product or service is selected of paid for which you need additional assurance. You can then request verification on the person as a whole (e.g. full name, date of birth) or only for specific aspects like age, gender, nationality, type + number of ID-document. The latter is preferred for reasons of privacy, and you'll still be sufficiently assured.

Note that you can never receive a copy of an ID-document through JiD.