JanusID has a revenue model with two components: as soon as a JiD user is verified, we request a onetime fee of the user and an annual subscription fee going forward. On top of that. JanusID requests an annual subscription fee from websites for the use of JiD. This fee level is amongst others based on the requested authentication level, the requested data scope and the transaction volume. These fees enable JanusID to provide a stable and secure service.

JiD is not bound to any country. This means that you can also recognize and trust your foreign online customers.

Through consolidated volume JiD can achieve a significant better pricepoint with third parties that provide verification services. On top of that you don't have to set up and maintain such an identity infrastructure yourself.

JiD has been available since October 2016 for testing and demonstration purposes.

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Yes, absolutely. You current customer accounts remain fully intact.

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Depending on the nature of the online interaction or transaction, JiD can offer a higher level of assurance about someone's identity.

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