State-of-the-art and easy to implement

Technology should work for you, and not the other way around. We therefore rely on proven, open technology that you probably already use. From this trusted and stable base we deliver JiD to best serve your purpose.

Fast assurance on your customer's identity

By making JiD-login part of your service, you can optimally shape the relationship with your customer. Usually it will be enough to recognize your customer, rather than the person behind it. However, you may sometimes need assurance on - aspects of - his or her identity. For this you can use our JiD-verification service.

With JiD-verification you can request your visitors to - partly - identify themselves with their verified JiD-account. Subsequently you can engage higher value or - legally - restricted interactions. You can close a transaction with a digitally signed contract, or issue an international train- or airline-ticket with the formal name and birth date on it. And, you don't need to process any ID-document yourself, thus keeping clear of any privacy, security and trust issues this would imply.

Without burdening your preferred way of working with costly and lengthy extra steps, you are able to easily increase the level of assurance for dealing with your customers.


From fast check-in to successful check-out

In a physical store you recognize your customers as soon as they enter. You can immediately deliver the service suited for this customer. In an online shop often the customer is recognized when they register at check-out. If they haven't already abandoned their filled-up cart because they felt not properly serviced during their visit. A missed opportunity, surely. The sooner you recognize your online customer, the more likely you will be able to provide the services or products he wants. You don't want to let someone with an intention to buy leave your shop empty-handed because you ignored or were not relevant to him.

With JiD your customers get access to your webshop with one mouse-click. Without the burden of a lost password or lengthy registration procedure. You can service them properly, as you have their previous visits and preferences at hand. The customer is happy about your service and will go through check-out with all the goods he hoped to find with you.

Simpler compliance with the privacy regulation

The EU privacy regulation (abbreviated as: GDPR) will be effective from 25 May 2018 onward. This imposes a substantial responsibility on you in terms of managing customer data. The less data you have, the less you have to take care of. However, without customer data no contact, no relationship and no revenue. 

This is only partly true. Off course customers are key. But their data does not have to be. You don't always need to know the "real" identity of your customer to service him well. A pseudonym plus the ability to communicate with him or her suffices. You link all the relevant data for the context of your services and the relationship with your customer to this pseudonym. This customer profile will not trace back to a "real" person and as such doesn't qualify as a collection of customer data.

JiD enables you to manage complete customer profiles without using identifiable customer data. And you can be assured that only you know these profiles.