Our convictions

1.  Online interactions should be both secure and easy

2. Verifiable trust in identities is essential in online interactions

3. You determine how and when you are known, recognized and forgotten

4. When appropriate, a party has the right to require assurance of your identity

5. Your online privacy should be at least on par with that in the physical world

6. An identity provider must not be bound to a sector, country or any other specific environment

7. A trustworthy provider of online identities treats its users as valued customers and not as products

Our foundation

Why the name "JanusID"?

JanusID is named after Janus, the ancient Roman god. Janus watched over the beginnings, endings and passages. The Latin word ‘ianua’ = ‘door’ reflects upon him, as does the month of January. With his two faces Janus was able to look back upon what had passed, as well as look ahead to what was to come. He was therefore able ensure trouble-free traffic in the city. Janus is considered to be the founder of the judicial system, money and social mores. He cut mankind loose from its barbaric life and brought order and well-being.

JanusID leads the way to trouble-free interactions on the internet. Playing a valuable role in society whilst adhering to rules and regulations. JanusID provides the door to safe and trusted internet traffic.

Designed for Privacy

JanusID has designed JiD from the ground up with universal privacy needs in mind. JanusID is committed to obtain the European Enterprise Seal (EuroPriSe) which de facto implies it adheres to all EU Data Protection Authorities (DPA's).

JanusID is 100% European

JanusID is a Netherlands based company and as such subjected to European laws and regulations. The data we store is located in a data centre in Europe, with European ownership. This implies that the rights of our customers from anywhere in the world are well protected.


The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past. (source)

Sir Tim Berners-Lee - Inventor of the World Wide Web

Customers with identities in the digital world need Consent 2.0 solutions: Context, Control, Choice and Respect

Eve Maler - VP for Innovation & Emerging Technology @Forgerock, UMA lead @Kantara

The team

We have a strong passion for effective privacy, good service and satisfied customers

Irwin Oedayrajsingh Varma
Managing director & Initiator
Matthijs Ballintijn
Director & Partner
Christian Boer
Technical Advisor
Tamás Magyar
Architect & Engineer
Peter Szekszardi
Architect & Engineer

Our business partners